Monster Box 12 – Lilith

I’m almost 100% sure I got this Lilith from the REM. She was my first poisoner and I’d soon get some Ghostrings from Poring Tower to complement her and my GOdin to flesh out my supers farming team.

Of all the healer girls I use her the most, even above Echidna. I use both on my Friday mythical LMeta team, but I also use Lilith to cover dark and for the time extend on my DQXQ farming team (although that role may be over now as I just rolled a Yomi in the last PCGF). I max skilled her over the course of 2 Poring Towers and the DC collab.

I’m considering raising another Lilith except in D/L form as she has some niche uses as well, but that is a project for another day; likely to be initiated when another of the plentiful Poison Mist skill ups comes around.