Skill Up Log: Krishna

I tried running the fire insect mythical, but my Athena team can’t clear it consistently. It’s too bad I can’t roll it with my GZL team due to elemental weakness. I instead tried running  legend on the 1.5x drop period, which appears to have a 100% drop for the boss. The results are:

  • 7/40 skill up rate (17.5% success)
  • 41 runs, 1 failure, for 40 drops (100% drop)
  • 7 stones used for stamina refreshes
  • 18 Oneton drops

Actually only got one success in my first 20 tries, then when 3/5 on my next try. Then 1/5 on my next 3 attempts, bringing me to 7/40 which is fairly close to the expected rate and is more than acceptable.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the Onetons. I can’t reasonably expect to get an RGY, so maybe I’ll just feed them to each other. Maybe the drop rate is better on mythical, but I don’t envy those going for RGY skill ups.