Skill Up Log – Krishna

It is done. I went 2/5 today finishing the journey. Some stats are:

  • 9/45 skill ups (20% success)
  • 7 stones spent
  • 2495 stamina spent
  • 2/4 failures on mythical (I hate myself)
  • 5/51 failures on legendary (I hate myself even more)
  • 100% boss drop rate on legendary during bonus drop period
  • 2/4 boss drop rate on legendary with no bonus drop
  • 52 stamina/drop (including failures and no drops)
  • 19 Onetons, 1 Yatagarasu, 1 Phoenix

Could have probably saved some stones if I was willing to be patient and waited for natural stamina regen and the next few bonus periods, but I’m not disappointed with 7 stones.

For future insect dragon dungeons, I’ll only run legendary during bonus periods. Although that’s with my Athena team, so if I can clear mythical with my GZL team that may change.

Now to come up with some potential subs and eventually level them up. Although I don’t expect the team to see any play until I get at least 2 of my Minervas and Hatsumes max skilled, which may take a while because I don’t foresee any pys or Segway runs in my near future.