Skill Up Log – Light Metatron

With the LMeta/Hatsume skill up dungeon likely coming within the next month or so, I’ve been looking ahead at stocking up on light demon masks. After what I went through for Meimei skill ups, I wanted to be somewhat prepared this time.

I decided to try out the Verche skill up dungeon at intermediate for farming light demon masks. Ran it 17 times, netting 17 drops for an even 15 stamina/mask. I think this rate is comparable to when I farmed Mt. Bakkes at 1.5x drop for green masks (I didn’t keep exact stats, sadly), but for sure this is MUCH quicker. Small sample size and all, but this seems like a decent option if coin isn’t much of an issue for you, which it shouldn’t be with the weekend dungeon.

I have 20 masks now, but am short on amelits and light keepers. I’ll likely farm the mystic stone dragon dungeon for these on a Monday (not this Monday, as I’m gonna throw a shitload of stones at GungHo for them +eggs). I’m also considering farming the corresponding dungeon for green and dark masks for Meimei and Haku, pending box space.