Team Log – Krishna

With my Krishna max skilled, it’s time to contemplate what kind of teams I can make for him. For better or worse, the above looks to be the best my box has to offer. I don’t have multiple Kagustsuchis like many of the more ridiculous Krisha videos sport and Dino Rider is a fairly poor substitute. It may just be better to run Leilan to get some more stats as hitting 20.25x with a couple prong matches is probably enough to kill most things anyways. Although Leilan+Chiyome could be a nonbo here as it could make matching 3 red combos difficult.

As far as utility subs, I probably have the best one in red Chester to be skill bind immune. I guess Yamato Takeru could be a heartmaker for no RCV dungeons. As far as subs I’d like, another Kagutsuchi is an obvious choice, but I’d also like a red valk. I doubt I’ll roll specifically for either, though, unless an ideal godfest occurs.

So now we have this and Pandora competing for the next team I raise; after I get my Osiris up and running that is. Not sure which I should go for, but I guess that is really up to skill ups and Pandora and her team seem much easier in that regard.