Attempted to hypermax my Meimei during this 5x/1.5x technical period. The idea was to grind all day to finish her off (needed about 200 +eggs). Here is a quick breakdown:

  • 187 +eggs
  • 4 rank ups
  • 21 stones spent (8.9 +eggs/stone)
  • 3972 stamina spent (21.24 stamina/+egg)
  • 331 runs (1.77 runs/+egg, 56.5% of runs drop a +egg)
  • 17 Dub-topalit drops (5.14% of runs drop one)
  • 18 King Metal Dragon drops (5.44% of runs drop one)
  • About 8 hrs of grinding (about  2.57 min/+egg)

The grind was grueling and this is coming from someone that loves grindy games. I used the 5 ROdin + RSonia challenge team and even though I got a lot of much needed row matching practice in it just got so boring. I’ll likely limit myself to about 75-100 eggs per day in the future, but even that may be too much.

I could have been much more efficient. Until the last hour I completed runs that yielded no +eggs instead of quitting out. It doesn’t seem like it saves much time, but it really is a big help skipping the bosses and rewards screen. Also my friend ROdins aren’t all skilled up (mine has the absolute minimum skill level 3) which would also help.

Oh, the stamina rollover feature will really help too, but that’s going to be a boon for just about everything in this game.

Don’t know what I’m going to do about the rest of the +eggs. I’ll likely let them come to me naturally over the course of a few weeks.