For whatever reason, I max skilled another Verche. I was thinking I’d use a 2nd one of him on my Athena team on Seaway runs, replacing Apollo since there are no hearts and a lower cooldown would make runs more consistent. After thinking about it a bit more, I’m conflicted as the stat drop is huge, but it may not matter. Well, at least I have the option now.

Now the Echidna coin dungeon has rotated in. I’ll be looking to max skill a Naga for S ranking things, but I may want an “Echidna” max skilled too for low cost dungeons.

I already have a max skilled ADK Zeal, but unlike Verche I’m unsure of any situation where I’d need a second. I have a GSonia, but it doesn’t seem like you’d want a 2nd 5 turn orb changer (let alone the first?), but I’m unfamiliar with Sonia teams, so who knows.