Dungeon Log – Christmas Dungeon: Holy Night Festival-SuperBlessed

This is the Athena team that I used to clear SuperBlessed (mythical?). I wanted to use my GZL team, but I thought I could easily get trolled with synced Dubs on the first floor so I decided to go with Athena. Which, in retrospect, was dumb because this team doesn’t have enough skill boosts for a first turn orb change, opening myself up orb troll. Synced Dubs isn’t even that bad for GZL as I wouldn’t be looking to burst them down anyways and Sasuke would hopefully be able to produce enough orbs. So maybe I’ll try GZL some other time.

As for Athena, another consideration is to use a 2nd 5 turn orb changer instead of Apollo or Meimei. Since it isn’t realistic to burst every Dub you come across, it’s better just to be able to make orbs more often to minimize orb toll. However, running Apollo+Meimei allows me to clear 30.4k HP which allows me to survive a hit from a Dub if I screw up. I’m not sure which is better. I think I’ll stick with the safety net instead of running another Verche. It might be different if uuevo LValk was available.

My first run I got synced 2-turn Dubs 3 times. I was sweating it, but my TPA’s spread enough damage to take out the Dubs and whatever trash accompanied them in 2 turns. I then tried Blessed and was actually able to pierce the Dubs’ defenses easily, so I may just run that the rest of the time instead of stressing out in mythical.