Dungeon Log – Legendary Seaway

Here is the Athena team I used to farm Legendary Seaway. It has a high clear rate (not sure how it would go without the +eggs or optimal subs). You’d have to get severely orb trolled several times to fail. To help mitigate this, a second Verche (or a Rei Sirius when his skill fodder comes out) could be used over Apollo for the shorter cooldown. Athena’s HP multiplier is usually enough buffer to survive the few hits, if any, you may take.

As a no RCV dungeon, it is very hard to get orb trolled and you can easily get 5+ combos without even trying. This means you can usually make a light prong every turn to sweep the trash floors. A wood prong is also usually good enough to take out non-fire monsters depending on your combo count. You usually want to conserve Verche, Apollo and Meimei for floors 6 and 7, but it’s okay to use Verche early in the dungeon if you find yourself short on light orbs. Just make sure he’s back up by the boss floor. You can also usually afford to take a hit or two from the trash, so use that opportunity to conserve your orb changers, clear the board and hope for more light orbs that way.

GZL is in the team over Izanagi for the defense break and burst on the Red Odin Tama. That combined with two light prongs can wipe the floor. I usually end up using Verche or Apollo here to get the 8 light orbs necessary to do so. If you swept every trash floor, you’ll have to take 1 hit from the Tama if your GZL isn’t skilled up. I guess a poisoner or something like Ra could work too, but that would be sacrificing a lot of damage for the boss floor.

For the boss floor, I usually go with Meimei => Verche/Apollo if there isn’t enough for 3 TPA => Athena. This usually won’t sweep the floor, but you can afford to take a hit or two from Wangren even if you took a hit clearing the trash. The next turn you can finish them off fairly easy.

I initially started clearing this dungeon with my GZL team, but he can’t do much against a first floor of synced fire monsters. Failing a dungeon once in a blue moon usually isn’t a huge problem, but considering the dungeon costs 88 stamina you want to be as efficient as possible. Which is disappointing because you’d think a no RCV dungeon would be perfect for him.

There are a lot of +eggs on this team, though, so I can’t say you can get the results I got without them. But I do think Athena is a pretty good choice for the dungeon. The real only challenge is finding a way to address the ROdin Tama while still having enough ammunition to finish off Wangren in 1-3 turns.