PAD Skill Up Log – Sarasvati

Well, I’m done with the water insect dragon. This was all done during yesterday’s 1.5x drop bonus. Here are the stats:

  • 59 runs (2 mythical, rest legend)
  • 11 failures (all on legend). 19% failure rate. Sigh. More on this later.
  • 11 stones. Because I suck. And also to get it out of the way since I’ll be busy later.
  • 13 Twinton drops, 27% drop per run. For comparison, my Krishna dungeon had a 39% drop per run for Oneton.
  • 3 Kraken invades, 6.25% per run. Phoenix for Krishna was 2%.
  • No Yatagarasu invades. Not knowing the times makes this impossible for me to farm.
  • 9/45 on Sarasvati skill ups, coming to the expected 20%. Was saved by doing 3 for my last 10.
  • 2/13 on Water Swordsman, 15%. Good thing this was not a priority.

Long story short, I though running this with Athena and GZL would be cake due to elemental weakness, but if you fuck up at all you get punished hard with the wood binds. It took me quite a while to figure out how to navigate the dungeon safely. After failing about 50% of my first 20 runs, I then ran it trouble free. I may write more on this later in a dungeon log.

With the recent unveiling of the Andromeda uevo, Sarasvati seems a little lackluster now. Well, I’ll have her ready to go when she eventually gets her own uevo.