PAD Team Log – Water Insect Dragon

Ever since I +297’ed my Athena, I’ve been defaulting to her for most of my farming runs. Monocolor TPA teams are already fairly braindead to run, but Athena one ups GZL due to not having to worry as much about HP and heart management. I still try to run my DQXQ and Kushi from time to time to practice my combos.

I mentioned before in my skill up log that Water Insect Dragon isn’t a great place to bring a wood team due to the binds. If you do bring a wood team, you have to be prepared to one shot floors 4 and 7.

Floor 4 has the Hellice and Chimera. You most definitely want to expend actives to one shot the Hellice to avoid the wood bind. The Chimera’s double bind isn’t nearly as devastating, but a double strike could be bad if it hits both Athenas. However, it usually dies to TPA’s when killing the Hellice anyways. For my team, two light TPA’s and a wood match is usually enough to wipe the floor. Don’t be afraid to use your quick orb changers as you can stall on the trash and can even survive a few turns on the boss if necessary.

The boss floor is annoying for TPA teams due to the combo shield. Getting 5 combos with TPAs isn’t particularly difficult, especially after a Meimei board change, but it isn’t something you always want to do during mindless grinding. Therefore I did all of my grinding on Legend (with bonus drop for 100% boss rate) where the combo shield requires only 4. I do the usual Meimei -> Verche -> Athena -> GZL actives which is likely overkill. I don’t think I ran into a Meimei+Verche board where I couldn’t make 4 combos, but you should be careful before activating Verche nonetheless. You must one shot or the boss’s wood bind will likely kill you.