PAD Skill Up Log – Athena

I originally wasn’t going to invest in skilling up Athena since the plan was to eventually feed her +297 eggs to some other monster in the future. However, she’s quickly become my go to lead for brainless farming and it just so happens that the majority of those dungeons are short and can use her orb enhance on a shorter cooldown. I already got one skill up for her previously so I just need 7 more.

I didn’t record any stats for running the Athena dungeon since she’s 100% drop, but I should be able to recall most of them:

  • 27 runs, 2 failures
  • 1350 stamina used
  • 5 stones used
  • 10 Gigas drops (40% drop per run)
  • 5 Cu Chulainn drops (20% drop per run)
  • 5 Siegfried drops (20% drop per run)
  • 6 Haku invades (24%)
  • 7/25 Athena skill ups (28%)
  • 3/10 Gigas skill ups (30%)
  • 2/5 Cu Chulainn skill ups (40%)
  • 2/5 Siegfriend skill ups (40%)

Pretty lucky with all the skill ups and invades. I learned from my time in the coin dungeons to be more patient with my stone usage and saved a couple by timing rank ups and waiting for stamina regen. I’ve already taken advantage of her quicker cooldown in today’s Beelzebub descend.