PAD Skill Up Log – Liu Bei

With Liu Bei’s new uevos, he is now a force to be reckoned with. Rather than pursue a Krishna/Kagutsuchi team, it may be wiser for me to invest in Liu Bei as I already have a good wood TPA foundation through building my GZL team. Granted, he may not be an ideal fit in GZL due to his active’s heal (I still feel he will be a welcome addition), but I have other wood TPA leaders like Vishnu and Osiris whom he could be force in.

Stats from the Wind Dragon Knight coin dungeon:

  • 83 runs, 3 failures. Sigh. Will go over this in the team post.
  • 6 dungeon purchases (3mil coins)
  • 4150 stamina used
  • 18 stones used
  • 41 Winron drops (51.25% per run)
  • 20 Treant drops (25% per run)
  • 42/38 Flame/Ice Armor Ogres drops (52.5%/47.5%)
  • 0 Green Fairy invades
  • 5/41 Liu Bei skill ups (12.2%)
  • 10/36 Ishtar skill ups (27.78%)

Continuing on my Sun Quan post, there really was no need to spend so many stones just to get the skill ups done in a single day. I won’t repeat this mistake.

The skill ups for Liu Bei were particularly brutal as I went about 4/20 to start off with, but had 20 failures before getting the last skill up. But after my luck with Sun Quan it’s hard to complain.

Taking the Sun Quan data into consideration, the drops for floor 5 legend are somewhere around 75-80%. Of those drops, the “-ron” drops close to the expected ratio of 2:1 with the Fey monster it appears with. The rates really aren’t that bad considering there is no bonus drop rate, but it is still aggravating to get no drops from the floor.

I have a second Liu Bei that I’d like to skill up too, but I’ll pass on doing it through this coin dungeon rotation. Ideally the dungeon would come around again naturally so I could take advantage of natural stamina regen and bonus drop rates.