PAD Skill Up Log – Sun Quan

With the new coin dungeon rotation comes a new stone vacuum; this time in the form of the dragon knights and Three Kingdoms skill ups. I don’t have a Cao Cao and already max skilled DQXQ and Lu Bu when the dungeons came around naturally: that leaves Sun Quan and Liu Bei. I still have dreams of a blue row team so I definitely wanted to get Sun Quan done.

Here are the farm numbers for Ocean Dragon Knight coin dungeon:

  • 35 runs
  • 3 dungeon purchases (1.5m coin)
  • 1750 stamina used
  • 10 stones used
  • 17 Waron drops (48.57% per run)
  • 11 Kelpie drops (31.43% per run)
  • 21/14 Wood Ice/Blazing Ice Ogre drops (60%/40%)
  • 0 Blue Fairy invades
  • 5/15 Sun Quan skill ups (33.33%)
  • 6/32 Cleopatra skill ups (18.75%)

Pretty lucky going 5/15. The coin cost is pretty much negligible compared to the stone cost which was much higher than I anticipated. Of course, I could have saved stones by waiting for natural stamina regen. For whatever reason I was in a huge rush to finish these skill ups, but after the holiday/new year’s events end I won’t have much to do anyways so I should have been more conservative with my stones.