PAD Team Log – Dragon Knight coin dungeons (no dupes)

No dupes: formerly the bane of my monster box as there was no great substitute for GZL as a leader. It isn’t so bad now that I developed an Athena team. LValk moves from sub to leader as her uuevo leader skill provides a suitable replacement for Athena. Apollo then slips into the empty sub slot and the friend leader is of course Athena. With this change the team gains another orb changer and some RCV, but loses significant ATK and HP; and that’s before I take my Athena’s +297 into account. Sadly I don’t have a better alternative than this, but luckily the dungeons don’t need much to consistently clear them.

I’m using GZL instead of Izanagi since I want the skill boosts (LValk has none) and while Izanagi’s active would provide a significantly greater burst, GZL just contributes so much more offensive power outside of that. I could see switching to Izanagi if I had farmed the fire dungeon though.

Water Dragon Knight is pretty much a joke with this team due to elemental advantage. Wind Dragon Knight, on the other hand, can’t take advantage of this, but it turns out it’s not really needed.

I could clear legend floors 1-5 with a single wood or light TPA with like 2-4 combos added in, regardless of elemental advantage. This includes the Fey monster which has 50k+ armor. The Rider (floor 6) actually becomes more of a challenge without elemental advantage, but since there are no binds and they don’t hit particularly hard you’d have to screw up a lot to die here. The bosses are also fairly easy. I could consistently one shot them using Meimei -> Verche -> Athena -> GZL. Compared to the insect dragon dungeons on legend, the dragon knights are quite easy.

I say that, but I failed Wind Dragon Knight 3 times. I got overconfident running Water Dragon Knight since I could faceroll it due to elemental advantage. I got sloppy a few times in Wind due to it and even though the dungeon doesn’t really punish mistakes, I still died due to incompetence and overconfidence (and orb troll).