PAD Team Log – Athena Descended Grinding

My first time through Athena Descended I used DQXQ. My only other lead was GZL and he has no hope against the first floor Gigas. My DQXQ team sucked, my skill was worse, but after a single stone I got my Athena. Now she’s back, powered up and bringing a team to beat up on herself multiple times in the name of skill ups.

I started with my standard Athena team (same as above except LValk instead of Kushi), but I found I could die to Cu Chulainn if I got unlucky skyfall that would trigger his gravity. In some cases I just couldn’t heal enough to get back out of range of his Finale attack — whether it be lack of hearts or lack of combo to heal enough — and Kushi’s damage reduction active would help mitigate those situations. Kushi also allows you to survive one of Athena’s Starbursts and her wood row makes matching rows off a Meimei+Verche board a little more worthwhile.

Otherwise farming the descend is fairly trivial. You have enough HP to survive anything outside Gigas and Starburst and generally enough time to heal most of the damage back before the next floor heals you.

All my monsters except GZL are max skilled, so I didn’t need to stall on Gigas, but generally took a couple turns to kill him anyways. Cu Chulainn is the only floor I really had to think on since I needed to get him as close to 50% as possible before going in for the kill to avoid his gravity screwing me over. Siegfried is pretty much a joke since he’s on a 2 turn clock. Athena I could generally sweep with Meimei -> Verche -> Athena -> GZL, but in the case I screwed up she generously gives you a free turn with “The end is nigh!”.

Haku invades are a joke due to elemental advantage, but it is usually wise to stall on her enough for the skill bind to wear off. Another boon of Kushi is her skill bind resist which combined well with GZL’s to fend off about half of Haku’s skill binds.

Considering I cleared this descend with my DQXQ team, most decently leveled teams should be able to clear Athena. It’s just my team and +eggs made it easy to mindlessly grind her for skill ups.