PAD Team Log – Challenge Dungeon 2 Lv6

This dungeon is tailor made for GZL as not only is it no RCV, but debatably the most difficult part to get around is Izanami’s skill bind which GZL teams can handle fairly easily. My team only has 80% skill bind resist, but I was willing to take that chance as I only needed to clear the dungeon once.

Marine Rider’s active will likely not be ready unless you have skill ups and/or you stall on some/all of the 2 TRN floors. Either way, you need him for the skill bind resist. Kushi’s active really isn’t much use here, but she’s also in for the skill bind resist. If you have enough HP when you get to Tengu, you can use Kushi’s active to stall for another couple turns.

My Sasuke, Meimei and Kushi are all max skilled. The others have 0 skill ups.

The dungeon plays out pretty much how one would expect:

  1. The ninjas provide love taps to get you under the 80% threshold, just need to make sure you have enough HP to survive the meager preemptive strike next floor. Hopefully you don’t have to use Sasuke here.
  2. A simple floor for a TPA team. If you get hit by Shouki’s gravity you can’t use Kushi to stall on Tengu, so make sure you hit the TPA’s to clear both. Which should be easy if you get 2 turns to do so. If you have to use Sasuke, hopefully you can stall enough to get Marine Rider or Sasuke ready again.
  3. I just swept Tengu, but if you have around 17k HP or more you can take both hits from the first floor ninjas, the Shouki preemptive and use Kushi’s active to tank Tengu’s “Destroy!” attack. This can be useful if you’re trying to stall for skills. Getting one of your GZL’s up for floor 4 could be very useful as well. You likely get 2 turns to kill Tengu, so you shouldn’t need to use an orb change unless you get really unlucky.
  4. Kagutsuchi’s preemptive gravity is the last damage you can take in the dungeon. Luckily you likely get two turns to play with. Use the first turn to get him below 50% to turn him to shadow. Use an orb change to do so if necessary. It should be simple to clear him thereafter barring orb troll.
  5. Hopefully your skill bind resists come through. If so, clearing Izanami out is a simple thing. An orb change + GZL should do it.

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