PAD Team Log – Challenge Dungeon 2 Lv7

First I want to note that I did not 0 stone this dungeon with Athena. I had to use a stone on Thoth and Sopdet, but looking back I should have just rerun the dungeon.

Valk, Verche and Meimei were max skilled. My Athena is now max skilled, but not when I ran the dungeon. I feel that GZL skill ups could make this dungeon a lot easier.

This is pretty much my standard Athena team. GZL makes it in over Izanagi for the elemental advantage on Cleopatra and Isis. Meimei is reserved for Thoth and Sopdet to guarantee an easy 5+ combos. Liberal use of Valk and Verche is recommended as stalling for skills on floor 4 is easy.

  1. If you can do a green TPA, it should be fairly easy to sweep this floor, using Valk and/or Verche if necessary. Just remember if you get her under 50% you get a free turn with her “Serpent Top”. Just be sure you can finish her after this as the bind likely means death.
  2. Blind means nothing to Athena! This floor is particularly easy if you get 2 turns to clear it.
  3. You definitely want to sweep Isis while she is blue to avoid the skill bind she uses when under 50%. I have enough +eggs on this team to tank a few hits while slowly whittling her down before bursting the rest. One of her attacks does a Verche orb change for you so be sure to take advantage of that if she uses it.
  4. I feel like I wouldn’t have had to stone this floor if I was better prepared (i.e. I actually cleared Thoth and Sopdet before). So like an idiot I went Meimei -> Verche -> Athena. Which only resulted in 4 combos; not enough to clear Sopdet’s combo shield. There was no healing, of course, so I died the turn after the revive. Being impatient as I was, I just decided to stone here. Luckily, it is fairly trivial to stall here as Sopdet makes enough hearts to allow even Athena to tank. I slowly whittled down Sopdet while doing so and when Meimei was finally back up I used her to sweep the floor. You could also use Valk on Sopdet’s hearts if you feel like you can still pull off the 5 combo.
  5. Ra. The best way to do this is to whittle him down so he turns dark. You should be able to do this before his Solar Explosion. Once he’s dark, pop GZL for the 2x (sadly the armor break doesn’t work) and combined with the elemental advantage at least one of your Athenas should be able to finish him off.