PAD Team Log – Challenge Dungeon 2 Lv8

I hastily put together a Ceres team in an attempt to get the Woodpy — which will likely go to Ceres. I was sitting on a Zeus Dios and Hera Beorc for a while, but never got around to explicitly getting the evo mats for them. Luckily I ran Rainbow Keeper a few times last week and had just enough mats to evo them and in turn Awoken Ceres. I gotta say, I’m really in love with her art which is encouraging me to use her more. I also recently got a Parvati and since I had the evo mats for her I decided to run super emeralds today and add her to the team.

The team composition should be fairly straightforward.

  • Ceres – The team doesn’t exist without her leader skill. She also trivializes the binds.
  • GOdin – Provides the bulk of the healing in a no RCV dungeon. Be sure to use Gungnir to heal too.
  • GSonia – Her board change provides the burst to get the angels down to their light forms so Ceres can tank. Looking back I wish I could have used my Avalon Drake instead, but he wasn’t awoken nor leveled enough.
  • Parvati – I thought she fit perfectly with her wood row and auto heal. I also thought her heart making could save me in a pinch.
  • Meimei – The only sub I wish I had a better option for, but she provides so many stats that it was hard to pass her up especially since the rest of the team is under leveled. I used her active twice, which provided a generous 5 wood orbs both times. Sigh.

Meimei is max skilled. I think my GOdin is at skill level 3, but that’s fairly irrelevant. The rest have no skill levels.

Here’s the breakdown on the floors:

  1. Ceres provides enough of a safety net to faceroll the twinlits. Try storing orbs to avoid using a board change to finish off their last 20%. Be sure to use Ceres/GOdin/Parvati for heals if it comes to that.
  2. I remember Archangel being annoying not because she’s difficult, but because she’s not difficult enough. I wanted to stall on her longer, but she just doesn’t have enough HP. Once she turns on her Sadistic Switch, Ceres+auto heals aren’t enough to sustain and you have to finish her off.
  3. It is mandatory to have GSonia up here to provide the burst to switch Uriel to light. Once you do, stall as long as you can to get GSonia back up.
  4. Gabriel is a joke for a wood team. Save your GSonia and use Meimei if you have to. I think one wood row was enough for me to sweep him.
  5. Against Michael just make sure you activate all your colors each turn. This should kill him before he gets to his largest Soul Scales attack. I think you have 5 turns to do this, but should be able to do it in 4 ideally.
  6. Raphael is the reason I wish I used AvaD over GSonia as her sub-dark was really annoying against the dark absorb. I’m aware of the attack order matters thing, but on this team it doesn’t really matter since there aren’t enough wood sub attributes to “cover” the dark damage absorbed. Outside of that Raph is fairly easy to take down in 5 turns. I’d suggest using GSonia as early as possible so you can finish off any dark he absorbed the turn after.
  7. Lucifer is an easy way to close out the dungeon. Just keep grinding until he uses “Perish!” then GSonia to finish him off.

Looking back, maybe Kushinada would have been better than Meimei. I definitely would’ve used her if she had her auto heal, but I haven’t awoken that due to her being mainly used on GZL. Maybe even Sasuke or another orb changer that doesn’t make dark would have been sufficient. A second GOdin is also an option, but that is overkill for very little benefit anywhere in the game.