PAD Team Log – Wednesday Mythical – Room of the Sacred Mask

This is the GZL team I’ve been using to farm the Wednesday mythical. I figure the evo mats skill up rotation has to be coming to NA soon so I may as well at least try to skill up my Orochi and Avalon Drake. I should do the same for the Sonias, but I’m not quite as motivated to do so. I believe the masks become skill up fodder for Osiris and Nut in the first rotation, so I’ll be grinding this for quite a while.

The dungeon is pretty straight forward: can you deal with the skill binds and if so can you also deal enough damage to the bosses? This dungeon is pretty much tailor fit for GZL as he comes with a skill bind resist and has damage to spare.

Team Summary:

  • GZL – This dungeon was made for GZL. He provides a skill bind resist and the burst necessary to kill the boss masks. The dungeon itself will put you at the necessary HP threshold when you need it so you can match hearts without worry.
  • Leeza – I ran a Sasuke here to deal with orb troll on the first floor, but that left me with only 80% skill bind resistance which caps my success rate at 64% since there are two skill binds you have to deal with. My Leeza is not skilled up so she can’t deal with double orb troll on the first floor, but that doesn’t appear to happen often; much less than 36% anyways. Once I get her skilled up this dungeon should be close to 100% success.
  • Marine Rider – An orb change and a skill bind resist.
  • Meimei – A stat stick. I need her to meet the first floor HP requirement, but the orb change is helpful if somewhat unreliable.
  • Kushi – In here pretty much for just for the skill bind resist, but she provides a good chunk of HP that Leeza and Marine Rider do not. If you have to use her active you probably screwed up badly.
  • Your friend GZL should have high +egg if yours isn’t. This is so you can be sure to hit the HP threshold and also pierce the boss green mask’s defense.

Meimei and Kushi are max skilled. The rest have 0 skill levels.

Floor Summary:

  1. Resist the skill bind or quit. If you’re short on wood orbs, clear as much as you can and pray to RNGesus for good skyfall. You then need enough HP to deal with a worst case 15634 damage to activate GZL. After that I’ve found one 3-orb wood match can sweep, but a single TPA should do it for sure. If you can’t meet the HP requirement, it’s also possible to sweep the floor without GZL’s leader skill if you want to do it that way, but to do that consistently you’ll need a first turn orb changer.
  2. Stall for skills here. You basically get a minimum of 7 turns to stall on these masks as their first move is always to power up, but feel free to sweep them as soon as all your skills are up. I usually try to make a wood mass attack as soon as possible, then a few mass attacks using your sub-types should be able to clean up. Try to store as many wood orbs as you can during this time for floor 3. Don’t worry about matching hearts either as you don’t need GZL’s leader skill to clear the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  3. I usually clear this floor by starting with a single mass wood attack (hopefully you stored orbs), then pick off masks individually based on their timers. You can use Leeza here in a pinch, but make sure she’s up again for the boss floor. Again, don’t worry about matching hearts here.
  4. PDX is a bit confusing here. One red mask does the preemptive skill bind while the other does a preemptive strike. This damage should leave your GZL leader skill active unless you have over 19k HP. Usually a single wood TPA and a couple other combos will do the trick on this floor. You can use Marine Rider here if you have to, but try to have Leeza up for the next floor. Matching hearts here is also okay.
  5. The preemptive gravity will activate your GZL leader skills. I find that 3 wood TPA’s (2 TPA + a wood match worked for me too) and a GZL active can sweep the floor. I usually address the board in this sequence with the goal being to make 3 TPA: 1) If you have the orbs ready, great 2) If not and Marine Rider is up and he would make enough orbs, do that 3) If Marine Rider alone can’t do it and Leeza is also up and using both would leave enough orbs for 3 TPA, do that 4) Lastly try and use Meimei, if she doesn’t make enough wood orbs, hopefully your Leeza is up and she can net you enough. Match 3×4 and enjoy your mask.

Actually the Leeza + Meimei combo has made me really like running Leeza here. Of course Marine Rider + Sasuke would have similar or better results, but I’ll stick with this lineup for now.