PAD Dungeon Log – Earth Insect Dragon

I used my standard Athena team to farm this on legend. Everything is max skilled except GZL which has 0 levels. Skilling up Athena for dungeons like this was worth it. Using Izanagi instead of GZL is fine here as you shouldn’t need a first turn orb change.

Not much to say about legend. Basically pop Valk on floor 4 to one shot it and Meimei -> Verche -> Athena -> GZL to one shot the boss. Although you need to make sure you have enough wood orbs to make the requisite 4 combos before popping Verche.

I can use my GZL team (Sasuke / Marine Rider / Meimei / Kushi) to beat mythical, but it takes too much effort for my tastes. The random blowouts from Griffin preemptives is frustrating as hell and managing the HP threshold and making 5+ combos with 2-3 wood prongs to kill the boss is a few too many things to worry about when I just want to mindlessly grind. Well, now that I have Leeza max skilled from this dungeon, combining her with Meimei should make it a lot easier/consistent to deal with the boss.

Anyways, here are the stats for the farming runs:

  • 50 runs on legend, 2 failures
  • All runs done during 1.5x drop rate bonus
  • 1950 stamina used
  • 13 stones used
  • 19 Triptons (39.5% drop per run)
  • 4 Griffins (8.3% drop per run)

The 39.5% rate on Triptons was very close to what I go on the fire version of the dungeon during 1.5x (about 40% too). I didn’t run the water version during a bonus period, but the 27% rate I got there boosted by 1.5x would likely be close too. Note that this is drop rate per run, not the drop rate per appearance as I don’t track that. I’m fairly confident with my sample size of over 150 runs of the legend RGB versions that I can expect about a 40% run rate with 1.5x and a closer to 25% rate without it. As such running this for ‘tons with no bonus, like if it was a coin dungeon, would likely be very painful. I just got a RGY so hopefully the fire version comes back normally before I want to use him.

I also ran the dungeon about 15 times on mythical and the appearance and drop rates for the Triptons seemed much better, which is expected, but since I lack data I can’t really conclude anything.

As for the mythical beast invades, it appears to be between 5 and 10%, but I don’t have any confidence in a particular number. But long story short, there’s no point in specifically farming it without an invade bonus, and even then I’m not sure the stamina is justified since their stats are mediocre at best. Maybe if you’re non-IAP and dying for the row and orb enhance active.