PAD Skill Up Log – Earth Insect Dragon: Vishnu, Leeza

I really wanted to skill up both of these as green is my main color. In the process of maxing Leeza I got a max Vishnu and a dupe to 6. Maybe I should’ve skilled up a Gigarock instead of the dupe as I can’t imagine using two Vishnus on a team, but you never know with PAD.

Here are the skill up results:

  • 14/60 on Vishnu (23.3%)
  • 4/21 on Leeza (19.1%)

Pretty close to what you’d expecte. Although Vishnu had pretty high variance for me where I went 0/5 several times, but went 4/5 *twice* to make up for it.

I’m hoping Vishnu usage will pick up with the introduction of Liu Bei’s uevo — like how Kagutsuchi did with Krishna — but with Vishnu’s lower multiplier and other great wood TPA lead choices (GZL, Osiris, Verdandi, G/D Bastet, to name a few) I’m not certain what will happen.

Leeza seems to be the best of the RGB wizards and I have a lot of use for her so I wanted to make sure I got her max skilled. I’ll use her for sure on my Wednesday mythical farm team and I want to experiment with her more in combination with Meimei as Sasuke doesn’t combo with her like the other ninjas do with their respective Chinese god. I’ve also seen videos of Anubis masters like Paprika using her to erase unwanted orbs to hit 10 on-board combos, but I doubt I’ll ever get to that level let alone ever use him.

I’m now keeping a running record of my skill up rate. I’m currently at 239/1231 or 19.42%.