Finally got around to evo’ing my Verdandi.

Now that I have 2 Liu Bei’s max skilled I’m going to look into investing heavily into her team. Although I’m not quite sure how I’m going to fill out the rest of the roster.

Here are some of the subs I’m considering: Parvati, Susano, Kushi, GOdin, Cu Chu, GValk, Sasuke, Osiris, GZL, G/R armored knight (gungho pls), dupe Verdandi (if I ever pull one…).

Well those are just the low hanging fruit. What I’m really unsure of is how tanky a Verdandi team can be without any bonus RCV. She seems like she’d play similarly to Athena for the most part so maybe focusing on burst is better, but she also has the option of healing through her board change. Anyways, I’ve got some studying to do so I can be prepared whenever the Liu Bei uevos come to NA.