PAD Dungeon Log – Farming Hera-Beorc Legend

Last Monday I got tired of farming +eggs in FT4 so I decided to change it up a bit and farm Hera-Beorc for Michael skill ups. This is one of the few descends that is extremely GZL-friendly as getting under the 80% HP threshold is simple and predictable.

Due to Leviathan’s skill bind on the penultimate floor, you either need to resist the bind or have a team that can tank until the 10-turn bind wears off. As I have yet to make a tank team, I’m using the exact same 100% bind resist team I use for Wednesday mythical. Leeza has been an all-star for me, especially now that I have her max skilled, but I’ll save discussing that for another post.

One of the few places you can die is to Hades when GZL isn’t active. As Kushi generally can’t help you live through it, it may be smart to consider swapping Meimei for something that can reduce your life — like Heracles or Durga — to make the run even more consistent. Just have to make sure the respective skill is up in time.

Everyone is max skilled except for GZL who has 0 levels.

I’m running legend because you can get away with some mistakes, but in mythical those are usually lethal. If you’re farming for Michael, Centaur is still a 100% drop in legend, but of course if you’re going after Hera mythical is the only choice.

Here are the floor notes:

  1. Centaur’s preemptives should activate GZL’s leader skill. Ideally you’d then just make one wood TPA to sweep them. Using Leeza here is fine since you have plenty of time to stall on Hades.
  2. Alraune will heal you up which is annoying, but she will also turn hearts into wood so you don’t have to. I’d recommend letting her hit you down as far as you can go before killing her as getting skyfall healed and deactivating GZL is fatal.
  3. The make or break floor. If your GZL leader skill is still active here, you’re golden. Otherwise even Kushi is unlikely to save you from Hades’ hit unless you have about 24k HP. I usually try to store wood orbs while stalling, then I try to kill him with 2 turns left: his timer reduce debuff will end after this turn and it will give you an extra turn to play with in case you fuck up. I usually use a GZL active when killing Hades just to make sure he’s dead.
  4. Resist Leviathan’s skill bind, then take hits until you are a comfortable HP level for GZL. One wood TPA should do it.
  5. If you have any light sub-attributes, make sure they are in the first few slots of your team list to avoid getting trolled by Hera’s light absorb shield. Otherwise it should be trivial to kill her with a GZL active and a few orb changes.

Now for the stats (failures not factored into drop rates):

  • 30 runs, 5 failures (4 to skyfall healing on the Alraune to Hades transition — really, really bad luck — and 1 to general idiocy).
  • 1500 stamina spent.
  • 9 stones spent.
  • 12 Hera-Beorc drops (48%)
  • 25 Centaur drops (100%), 2.78 Centaurs per stone, 60 stamina per Certaur.
  • 18 Dryad drops (72%)

Skilling up Michael is pricey, but the 100% drop rate makes it a lot easier from a mental aspect. The 4 Sakuya invades seem about right with the 1.5x invade event happening.