+Egg Farming: FT4

Note: This post seems to be getting a fair amount of hits even though there really isn’t anything useful here. Check out this video for a good speedfarming team or ft4 tag for more stats.

PAD Dungeon Log – FT4 – Door of Light and Shadow 5x/1.5x

Farmed FT4 during the 5x technical +egg drop  and 1.5x technical drop rate overlap. Unlike yesterday’s Starry View Lane it seems I had good luck here.

  • 203 runs
  • 9 stones used
  • 2436 stamina used
  • 126 +eggs (0.62 +eggs per run, 19.3 stamina per +egg, 14 +egg per stone)

Had a huge jump in +egg per stone due to the increase in our max stamina actually giving us a few more runs per stone. I’m thinking this isn’t a very useful cumulative stat since I’m not tracking my max stamina, but not sure if it’s even worth it to start.

  • 0.59 +eggs per run
  • 20.45 stamina per +egg
  • 10.4 +egg per stone