PAD Dungeon Log – Starry View Lane

Yesterday’s Starry View Lane was horrible for me. Here are the stats:

  • 39 runs
  • 7 stones used
  • 1170 stamina used
  • 46 +eggs (1.17 +eggs per run, 25.4 stamina per +egg, 6.6 +egg per stone)

In addition to getting a horrible drop rate (I had at least 6 runs with no +egg drop) I was one max stamina off getting an extra run per stone. Although at my drop rate it would have been better to wait the extra 3-4 minutes. Can’t wait until stamina rollover gets implemented.

I now have stats for 2 Starry View Lane runs:

  • 1.36 +eggs per run
  • 22.0 stamina per +egg
  • 7.5 +eggs per stone