Haku and Hanzo Skill Ups

PAD Skill Up Log – Haku and Hanzo

Watery Temptress was not very kind to me:

  • 5/39 Haku – 12.82%
  • 8/36 Hanzo – 22.22%
  • 12/92 Hamahime – 13.04%

Haku was brutal, going 0/5 3 times. I raged pretty hard and fed 7 dark jewels which got 2 skill ups. So I guess the real rate from Dark Chasers is 3/32 (9.38%). Pathetic. I have 25 more chasers that I’ll eventually feed to my 2nd Haku; hopefully my luck will have improved by then.

I got 2 Hanzo’s maxed fairly quickly. I then attempted to skill up Hamahime for whatever reason. Very bad rates there too. One mistake I made was maxing a 3rd Hamahime instead of a 3rd Hanzo, but I don’t think I’d ever use 3 of either on a team so it doesn’t really matter.

My current total skill up rate is 283/1509 or 18.75%.

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