Verdandi Team Brainstorming

PAD Team Log – Verdandi Brainstorming

I’ve watched a few Verdandi videos on YouTube and for the most part her teams were 2 Liu Beis and a random selection from GZL (sometimes 2 GZL) and other G/R monsters you’d might expect like Cu Chulainn. There wasn’t much focus on explicitly increasing RCV or survivability in general, but a decent combo with 1 heart match would generally heal about 10k and a Verdandi board change would generally heal to full.

The problem is many of these teams had 1200+ +eggs excluding the friend lead; that’s about what I have in my entire box. While it’s nice to know you can heal more than enough once you have high +eggs, that’s true for many teams and isn’t realistic to start off with.

Therefore this first iteration has GValk for some added RCV and Parvati to make hearts in a jam. I’ll likely try it out once Liu Bei’s uevo comes out, then slowly transition to a more offensive lineup once I invest more +eggs. I’ll probably +297 the Liu Beis first — already have 297 reserved for one of them — then if I like the team I’ll move on the Verdandi herself. I already have a GZL +297ed which is nice.

Sadly it seems like one of the more powerful lineups — 2 LiuBei  2 GZL — is 4 dudes when what I really want to be running is 6 waifus. I’ll make those blue waifu teams someday…