Verdandi Team Brainstorming Part 2

PAD Team Log – Verdandi Brainstorming Part 2

In the process of rolling for Venus — which I actually got in a decent amount of rolls btw — I also rolled another Verdandi which will likely take Parvati’s place. With Verdandi’s skill up fodder incoming and ECO and/or GungHo collabs having recently passed, a skilled up Verdandi will be up quicker than an unskilled Parvati, thus the easy swap.

As a result of that change I reconsidered using GValk and replaced her with GZL. I was concerned with RCV, but my +297ed GZL has more and I don’t plan on +ing my GValk any time soon, if ever. I was also worried about having three heartbreakers on the team. GZL will also give the team some burst as Verdandi’s 9x (eventually up to 10.89x with the balance change) will need some help on tougher bosses.

I’m unsure if a 5 turn orb changer will be missed, but if so I’d still likely use GValk over Cu Chu if there is room for another heartbreaker. Sasuke, Leeza and Osiris are still considerations as well.

These changes bring the team up to 7 skill boosts. Another option is to use another GZL instead of the Verdandi sub, bringing the skill boosts up to 8 which allows for a 2nd turn Verdandi board change.

Next month I’ll try to level everything up. Hopefully Liu Bei’s uevo will be out by then so I can get some real testing in instead of just theorycrafting.