Monster Box Log 195 – Urd

2015/01/img_3404.jpgI think Urd has the most raw power of the Norns. Running double Urds for a near 2x HP and 2x RCV combined gives you both a suitable health pool and the means to refill it where the other Norns only excel at one or the other. In context she is likely the weakest as she doesn’t have any all-star on color subs. I haven’t done much research on her yet, but most of the vids I’ve seen basically run her as a 9-11x fire ATK lead and for the most part ignore the water bonuses. However, GungHo appears to be pushing Norn subs so here’s hoping she gets a good one (maybe Cao Cao will get a funky R/B uevo?).

Well, I rolled two of her last godfest and it appears that she may be one of  her own best subs, but it’s going to take more than that to get me investing in the team.