Monster Box Log 197 – Venus

2015/01/img_3406.jpgSometimes I have inexplicable desires to acquire things I don’t really need, PAD or otherwise. Venus was one of these things. My starter god was DQXQ and I long desired Venus to cover dark, provide a light row and help set up a burst combo with CTW. My DQXQ days are long behind me — hoping for a sweet uevo, though — but my desire for Venus never faded.

Now that all the other Greco-Roman gods have their awoken uevos the desire to acquire Venus became even stronger. Enough so that I was enticed to roll in a mostly garbage Greco-Roman/Archangel godfest. Luckily RNGesus smiled upon me and blessed me with many godfest exclusives and this Venus in a reasonable amount of rolls.

Now the question is: how will they upgrade her and what will her evo mats be?

Considering Venus was one of the more useful monsters of her pantheon before the awoken uevos came out, I’m not sure what we can expect. All of the others had their active skills changed, but is it really necessary to modify Change the World, particularly at the cost of wiping out many peoples’ work skilling her up? I’m hoping they just keep CTW, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they changed her active to keep the trend.

As for the other stats, the evo mats have a strong influence on what has been added to the others so speculation may as well start there. The low hanging fruit is to say that a Zeus Olympios will be required, but what will the other god be? Hades has Gaia as one of his mats, and Uranus/Ouranos would certainly make sense from a mythological perspective, but sadly he doesn’t exist (new descend incoming?). So is it Hera-Sowilo? At this point it’s all just a guessing game.

Her awakenings are hard to predict as all of her originals are good, unlike the rest of the pantheon. She will likely get one extra offensive awakening. I’d think she’d get a treatment similar to Hades and get a second TPA (perhaps inherited from Zeus Olympios?). I find it unlikely she would get another light row, but it’s possible to inherit one from Hera-Sowilo. Her utility awakening will likely be another auto-heal. I don’t think we can expect much from the last 2 awakenings, so they will likely be some combination of resists or orb enhances (light enhance from Olympios and dark resist from Sowilo?)

For typing, all the others got devil so I think that’s safe to assume, but who knows what the second type will be; never would have guessed dragon for Minerva. As for the sub-element, I would love for it to be dark, but considering Hades’s is wood I’m not really sure.

Well, no matter how it turns out I’m really excited to see what they do for her.


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