RGB Flower Dragon S Ranks

With not a lot for me to do besides farm Lightseeker, I decided to spend some stamina on S ranking the Flower Dragons.

I cleared Red and Blue with an Athena team. My first try on Red I used a fully evolved Verche, but my score was just short so I swapped in a Knight to lower my rarity which did the job. The process is exactly what you’d expect:

  • On garbage floors, play like a combo team in order to boost your combo count. TPAs aren’t necessary, particularly if the time spent matching four would take away from making more combos.
  • Chimeras aren’t to be underestimated, try to prep with 2 light TPAs or pray they aren’t synced and/or have long cooldowns. You can use Mystic Light Knight here if it’s skilled up.
  • Definitely want to store light orbs on floors 7-8 to prep for the fruit dragon as you need to save your knight for the boss.
  • On the boss, just use all skills.

I attempted this again on Green, but the fruit dragon and boss have much more HP and I didn’t have enough damage. I tried about 3-4 times and even though I could clear it I couldn’t do it in a reasonable amount of turns.

Enter my GZL team. These no-RCV dungeons are probably the only ones GZL can reasonably S rank. It also helps that GZL is two stars less than Athena. I also finally made use of my max skilled Kodamas. The process is pretty much the same as with Athena, but a few differences:

  • It’s not a given you will survive synced monsters on floor 1 which is the only real weakness with this strat.
  • The fruit dragon heals you which means you have to take a hit to activate GZL. Sadly, the first attack makes hearts. If you heal at all, you can’t kill the boss so I brought Marine Rider with me to break them. Combine that with a GZL active and you should be able to one shot it.
  • I used my Kodamas generously as they are max skilled, but you will most likely need one up for the boss. It also helps to have used Marine Rider on the previous floor as the blue orbs he made will help your Kodama. Use your remaining GZL active to one shot the boss.

Looking at the Light and Dark dragons, I’ll likely stick to my Athena team as it seems more consistent. Dark should be a breeze for Athena and I don’t think Light will be much harder than Red or Blue, but if they are I’ll have the GZL team to fall back on.

I typically used DQXQ to S rank in the past, but these clears were much easier as I wasn’t so reliant on combo count to generate enough damage to kill some of the beefier bosses. I was impressed that a 3x damage bonus from Athena could deal enough damage. It made me think about using my Mini Valk for S clearing. While she would do significantly less damage than Athena on her own, she’s 3 stars less which greatly expands the potential sub pool.

I was also impressed with my max skilled Kodamas. I’d love to get some max skilled gold pirates to fill a similar role for Athena/Valk.


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