Dungeon Log – Lightseeker


I’ll go over my drop rates for this dungeon and compare them to other survey dungeons. I used my usual Athena team to farm. As with all survey dungeons, clearing it is trivial so I’ll skip that part.

Light Seeker Master
Bonus Runs Stamina Stones
1.5x 9 360 1
2x 43 1720 8
Total 52 2080 9
Light Chaser Neneko
Bonus Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drop / Stone Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drop / Stone
1.5x 8 88.89% 45.00 8.00 6 66.67% 60.00 6.00
2x 36 83.72% 47.78 4.50 45 104.65% 38.22 5.63
Total 44 84.62% 47.27 4.89 51 98.08% 40.78 5.67

I actually had a better rate on Chasers on 1.5x than 2x, but that can be attributed to the low sample size. The widely accepted boss drop rate for Master is 40% and our 2x results reflect that rate.

I wanted to compare the results of Lightseeker running Master vs. Watery Temptress on Expert, but due to the smaller Lightseeker sample size I can’t draw any definite conclusions on just my results. It should still be interesting to compare.

Watery Temptress Expert
Bonus Runs Stamina Stones
None 141 2115 9
2x 141 2115 9
Total 282 4230 18
Dark Chaser Hamahime
Bonus Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drop / Stone Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drop / Stone
None 18 12.77% 117.50 2.00 55 39.01% 38.45 6.11
2x 39 27.66% 54.23 4.33 79 56.03% 26.77 8.78
Total 57 20.21% 74.21 3.17 134 47.52% 31.57 7.44

Even with the disparity in sample sizes, I think my numbers reflect what many PAD players already knew:

  • The Chaser stamina per drop rates for both dungeons on 2x bonus are very close if not identical. This is certainly intentional and is highly regarded as common knowledge. So why even introduce a Master difficulty? Well, having a higher drop rate means less variance which is less mentally taxing on the player (do you know the despair of going 15+ runs without a Chaser drop?). The other, more obvious reason is time efficiency. If you’re spending the same amount of stamina to get the same drops regardless of difficulty, from a business aspect it makes sense to condense the time necessary to farm. This allows whales more time to spend more stones in case they want more drops over time.
  • The ninja fodder drop rate is quite different. This is likely because any improvement in the appearance rate — if there is any change at all — and drop rate doesn’t compensate for the fact that you can run Expert almost three times as much as Master. This means if you’re only looking for the secondary drop from a survey dungeon, Expert is likely more efficient.

To further compare the secondary fodder rate on Master vs. Expert, I can compare the amount of drops from floors 1-3 on 2x bonus for each dungeon:

Neneko (Lightseeker Master) Hamahime (Watery Temptress Expert)
Bonus Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drop / Stone Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drop / Stone
2x 10 23.26% 172.00 1.25 37 26.24% 57.16 4.11

The drop per run rate is similar as expected, but Expert is obviously more efficient for farming the secondary fodder. This lines up with much of the community already researched and believed. If the upcoming Gleaming Dragon event on NA adds a Master difficulty, I’ll most definitely be farming Expert over it for the Wicked Ladies.

This really makes me wish I tracked stats from earlier survey dungeons. I intend to keep tracking drop stats for future survey dungeons in order to compile more definite results, but for the most part I don’t think there’s any reason to deny conventional PAD wisdom in this regard. I’d also love to keep track of the appearance rate of skill up fodder on floors 1-3, but I’m a bit too lazy for that.


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