Orange Flower Dragon S Rank


I wasted 50 stamina and a yellow fairy invade because I didn’t bother to read PDX. I thought I’d be able to take a hit from the fruit dragon after it healed me, but I was about 500 HP short and died. I had some rarity to play with so I plugged in the only 5-star orb changer I had in ADK. I never bothered to level or awaken him, but being max skilled and having over 1k HP he’d do the job. Pretty much followed the same strat as my wood flower dragon run.

When the dark flower dragon comes around, I’ll likely switch back to my Athena team for the elemental advantage. I’m assuming that will be a cakewalk, but I’ll be sure to read PDX this time.

The flower dragons have been a nice source of stones and tamas, but I don’t see myself running them again. Uevo Starling looks very good, but I don’t need it for any teams. If I ever get a Skuld I have plenty of things I’d run over it.