Skill Up Log – LMeta and Hatsume

With this I am free from Chaser skill up hell; at least in the short term. I would not mind a Karin or Leilan skill up dungeon. While painful, skilling up Chinese board changes is well worth it.

Just to note, I forgot to screenshot my first Hatsume getting max skill level (I’m thinking it’s because I was raging at going 0/5 many times in a row), but I did indeed get two Hatsumes max skilled.

Things went much better than they went with Haku. Although it’s hard to do worse than 5/39 (12.82%).

Monster Tries Success Rate
Light Metatron 20 5 25.00%
Bikinitron 22 5 22.73%
Hatsume 58 8 13.79%

There’s always room to complain and here it’s about my abysmal rate on Hatsume. I was hoping to to skill up two Hatsumes and have enough leftover to skill up at least one Neneko, but that wasn’t to be. I’ll attribute some of that to running Master difficulty and getting less Nenekos per Chaser, but I’ll cover that in my Lightseeker dungeon log.

My current running skill up rate is 334/1759 or 18.99%.