B/L Sun Quan

B/L Sun Quan

In case you missed it, Sun Quan’s two new uevos were introduced yesterday. While the B/G form is quite exciting, I’m more interested in the B/L form as a leader. His leader skill was changed to:

  • Slight HP and RCV increase for healers, 3.5x healer attack when above 50% HP.

He also got a slight bump in stats with +100 ATK and +50 RCV. So, is he any good?

The immediate comparison is to LMeta since they have the same conditional ATK boost. Since SQ also boosts RCV it should be reasonable to expect that his HP boost is lower than LMeta’s 1.25. How else do they compare?

  • Active – LMeta has a built in way to reach her HP threshold. SQ’s active can do an imitation by delaying for 2 turns, healing on the first then bursting on the second, but LMeta can use her active about twice as much as SQ.
  • Awakenings – SQ is obviously better offensively, but LMeta’s strength is dealing with binds. While a SQ team will lose their boosts when he’s bound, LMeta will keep chugging along.
  • Farmable subs – The huge weakness with water teams in general is the lack of good, farmable subs. LValk is a boon for LMeta teams, something that water just doesn’t have.
  • REM subs – Water has a huge offensive advantage here with the quantity and quality of it’s row subs.

While LMeta seems to have a lot of advantages, that may reflect my personal bias as I use her as a lead and obviously know more about her. SQ is obviously better offensively and his team can be adjusted to cover up his weaknesses. At this point I think we’re comparing apples to oranges despite their leader skill similarities and that both are good in their own ways.

I think it’s safe to say SQ loses out to LMeta as a non-IAP lead, but what about as a whale lead? The obvious comparison is to I&I. Given access to the same sub pool I think I&I wins as the unconditional 3x ATK is obviously more reliable. While I&I can tank and spank hard hitting monsters, SQ needs to come up with some kind of strategy to stay above his HP threshold. I&I also has a 1.35x HP boost which SQ’s will almost definitely be lower than.

Even if SQ isn’t better than LMeta or I&I he isn’t worse either. He is better for general use farming, for sure. That being said, I wouldn’t go out of my way to build a team for him if I had other options.

Of course, this is all conjecture until his exact HP and RCV boosts are known. If they are beyond what I expect, I’ll modify this post or just make a new one.



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