Purple Flower Dragon S Rank


Quite an easy S rank for Athena thanks to the elemental advantage. I also got some pretty nice skyfall combos this run which I didn’t get in my other runs of the Flower Dragons.

After using my max skilled Kodamas to S rank with GZL, I’ve really wanted a Gold Pirate to go with Athena; nothing beats a 2-star 5-turn orb changer for S ranks. As if heeding the call, the Shadow Sprite survey dungeon is coming to NA the next coin rotation. The question is: how many stones am I willing to spend to skill up a Pandora, at least one Fuma Kotaro and have enough leftover Gold Pirates to max skill at least one? Or more importantly: how much am I willing to farm that dungeon before going insane? I’m getting weary of farming skills up so I’ll just have to wait and see. At least the dungeon will be available for 2 weeks.