Pantheon Review – Japanese 1

Review outdated as of 4/30/15. Updated ratings will be released each NA godfest.

Japanese 1 is a mixed bag. Kagutsuchi and Yomi are some of the best subs in the game while the rest are mediocre at best. Kagutsuchi obviously benefited from a 3rd uevo, so if the rest of the pantheon gets one this assessment could drastically change.

Kagutsuchi – A
  • 3 TPAs
  • Great awakenings
  • New orb change active
  • Gated by evo mats
  • No skill up fodder
  • Niche leader
  • Pitiful RCV
  • Physical typing irrelevant in fire
One of the premier fire subs in the game as it hits extremely hard thanks to its 3 TPAs. His leader skill is an upgrade over Echidna, but in actuality doesn’t accomplish much more.

Orochi – C+
  • Great awakenings
  • Powerful 5 turn delay
  • Lacks synergy
  • Miserable NA water dragon support
  • Long active cooldown
  • B/R form underwhelming considering evo mats
A good monster with great awakenings, but lacks support for his types in water. His biggest weakness is the powerful but extremely slow active; in most situations 5 turns is overkill.

Susano – C
  • Powerful, underrated active
  • High ATK
  • Good wood attacker support, particularly for TPA
  • Mediocre lead
  • Long active cooldown
  • Pitiful HP
  • Mediocre awakenings
  • G/L form underwhelming considering evo mats
After running Kushinadahime on my GZL team I’ve come to appreciate damage reducers and believe they are still underrated. Susano has one of the most powerful ones in the game, but the long cooldown makes it unwieldy as it won’t be up when you need it. Although I can see it’s usefulness on a tankier team.

Amaterasu – C
  • Anti-bind utility
  • High RCV
  • TPA improves sub viability
  • Situational sub
  • New leader skill has potential, but lacks support
  • Difficult to obtain skill up fodder
It appears GungHo is pushing L/R attackers — the new L/R angel looks pretty good — so Amaterasu may become a better lead in the future. Otherwise she’s relegated to niche roles involving her autoheal and/or bind recovery.

Yomi – B+
  • 2x time extends
  • Great stats
  • Change the World
  • Skill bind resist becoming increasingly relevant
  • S rank lead
  • Poor leader
  • No offensive awakenings
  • Fairly useless outside combo teams
A great sub for combo teams, but with the increasing availability of monsters with 2-3 time extends his/her value is becoming relatively diminished. D/D is a good S rank lead when paired with Anubis.

Pantheon Grade – C+

As I’ve been perusing the older pantheons (Greco-Roman, Japanese 1, Indian 1) the same problem is becoming apparent: the current direction that GungHo has for the game has diverged drastically since their inception, resulting in the earlier pantheons having a lack of definition and power. They’ve tried to patch things up with balance changes, but they haven’t been enough to over come the monsters’ core problems. It’s not until they give all these outdated monsters new uevos with new actives will their pantheons be worth rolling in.

Of the three older pantheons I mentioned earlier I believe Japanese 1 is the best of the lot as all of the monsters are at least usable, but I’d have a hard time recommending rolling in its godfest unless you desperately wanted a Kagutsuchi or Yomi.