Team Log – Pandora

With the Dark Faerie survey dungeon coming in the NA coin dungeon rotation on Sunday, it’s time to start thinking about my Pandora team. Assuming that I max skill Pandora, all of the monsters depicted are max skilled except the second Haku that is only 4/6. That’s a pretty good basis for a Pandora team.

The question is: is it worth +egging this team?

I’ve been struggling to answer this question for a long time because my next +egg target will determine my focus for the next half year or so. The aim is to have at least one fully hypermaxed team by the end of the year so I can’t afford to get distracted.

I want to stay in wood because I already have a strong roster than can lead and sub multiple teams and already have 2 +297s there in Meimei and GZL. The problem is, I don’t find wood to be very sexy. Sure, a potential Verdandi team with 2 Liu Beis is pretty sexy, but there aren’t nearly enough waifus on that team. I know, I’ve got my priorities straight, right?

That’s where my desire to start dark and water teams comes in. Pandora, I&I, Andromeda, and Sarasvati teams all have high waifu content. Oh yeah, they are pretty strong, too.

I also need a tank team so I can approach dungeons from different angles than what GZL and Athena provide. I feel like I’m making certain descends harder on myself by not having one.

To help me decide, I’ll first break down my priorities by positives:

  • Wood – I already have a strong roster of maxed wood monsters. The Verdandi/Liu Bei team should be very strong, but not a true tank team due to no RCV boost.
  • Water – All the waifus. Does anything else matter? Two strong burst teams in Andromeda and Sarasvati. I&I could possibly lead the tank team I want. Many of the subs are the same for all three teams.
  • Dark – Pandora is obviously very strong. I can run her team immediately after skilling up Pandora so I don’t have to test my patience. There should be no problem getting friends and she should also rake in the pal points.

Now the negatives:

  • Wood – The strongest monsters aren’t waifus. I can see the limits of my GZL team. While Verdandi is strong and can tank better than GZL and Athena, is that good enough?
  • Water – Lack of skill ups. The big ones are Andromeda and Karin. I could wait for Andromeda’s survey dungeon, but Karin will likely have to be done through jewels, pys and maybe even guaranteed skill ups. This means it would be a while before I could run any of the teams in earnest.
  • Dark – No interest in developing dark outside Pandora, meaning any +egg investment wouldn’t get reused. Doesn’t solve my tank team problem.

That’s not everything, but those are the big things.

I’m still on the fence. It’s like waifus vs. min-maxing; I can’t make up my mind! So I’m going to take a wait and see approach:

  • Complete the Pandora team. Take it for a spin without +eggs and see if I even like the playstyle.
  • Wait for the Pandora uevo that will hopefully come out before summer.
  • Complete my Verdandi team once the Liu Bei uevo comes out and see how it works as a pseudo-tank team.
  • Decide to +egg Verdandi or Pandora.
  • Start work on my water teams after I’m satisfied with Verdandi or Pandora, putting a priority on I&I.

That’s the plan for now, anyways. This guy IMG_3533 is waiting for a home.