Dungeon Log – Light Insect Dragon


Once again, I used my Athena team to farm this dungeon so I’ll focus on the drop stats. I only farmed Legend because that’s the only difficulty I can do efficiently with minimal effort.

Light Insect Dragon Legend
Bonus Runs Stamina Stones
None 34 1530 7
2x 12 540 2
Total 46 2070 9
Pulseneedle Cuaton
Bonus Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drop / Stone Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drop / Stone
None 30 88.24% 51.00 4.29 6 17.65% 255.00 0.86
2x 12 100.00% 45.00 6.00 4 33.33% 135.00 2.00
Total 42 91.30% 49.29 4.67 10 21.74% 207.00 1.11

I goofed. For whatever reason I thought the 2x bonus started at midnight instead of noon, was too distracted to notice the dungeon button didn’t say 2x and ended up farming with no bonus. I would’ve noticed earlier, but it took me a while to get a run without a boss drop — which is guaranteed on Legend on bonus days — and notice my folly. This means I don’t have many data points to compare 2x runs to my past 1.5x runs of other Insect Dragon dungeons, but you’ll at least be able to see how bad it is to farm without a bonus.

Past Insect Dragon Runs – Legend/1.5x
Dungeon Runs Stamina Stones
Fire 30 1350 5
Water 46 2070 14
Wood 40 1800 10
Total 116 5220 29
Dungeon Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drop / Stone
Fire 18 60.00% 75.00 3.60
Water 13 28.26% 159.23 0.93
Wood 16 40.00% 112.50 1.60
Total 47 40.52% 111.06 1.62

Since the Insect Dragon is guaranteed I omitted it from the tables.

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that running without a drop bonus is a horrendous proposition. That being said, with the variance in the results and the lack of data points means we can’t say anything with much certainty.

One thing we can loosely say is that farming Tons is extremely taxing. My stamina per drop rate on Legend with 1.5x bonus is on par with what I got farming Dark Chasers on Expert with no bonus. So bad!

I kind of wished I farmed Mythical a bit more, but may failure rate was too high with Athena (can’t always make the 5-combo with a few TPAs to kill the boss). Farming Tons there is likely much better, but how much? On the otherhand, if all you need is the Insect Dragon then farming it on LegendĀ  with a bonus drop is more efficient; since they are both guaranteed drops doing the cheaper one is obviously better.

I was hoping there would be more meaningful stats to compare, but it’s really quite boring. I’d say I’d get to add more stats when Dark Insect Dragon rolls around, but I’m unsure if I want to skill up CDD or Durga so I may end up not doing it; it depends on what else is going on at the time. I may eventually have to run Fire again as I’ve rolled a RGY since it passed the first time, but that’s a very low priority. It’s also unlikely that I’ll run the others when they come back just because of the traumatic stamina per drop, but you never know.