Pantheon Review – Indian 1

Review outdated as of 4/30/15. Updated ratings will be released each NA godfest.
Even with the balance changes, the Indian 1 pantheon is severely outclassed. Unless you’re dying for a Shiva, there’s not much to look forward to here.

Shiva – B+
  • 2 fire rows
  • Great awakenings
  • Devil type
  • Orb enhance active
  • 100% defense break has niche uses
  • R/D: decent leader
  • Active too slow
  • Annoying skill up fodder
The only noteworthy god in this pantheon. Great fire row sub, but slow active holds him back from being elite. Can be used to farm supers and such early on, but you’ll (hopefully) quickly outgrow that.

Lakshmi – B-
1955 - Awoken Lakshmi
  • Still secret waifu
  • Awoken form is a great leader
  • B/L: horrendous water/balanced support
  • B/G: terrible awakenings
  • Random jumble of awakenings aren’t ideal, but at least they are all useful
  • Drop the HP drain, lower the min. cooldown by 1-2 turns: you have a much better active.
Update: 3/15/15 – I don’t think anyone is completely satisfied with Lakshmi’s awoken uevo, but anyone that thinks she isn’t a great leader isn’t giving her new form enough credit. While her 25x isn’t the easiest to activate nor is it flashy like 36x or 49x, people are severely underestimating the power of her 1.5x RCV boost. Combine this with another physical sub or two and you have a 20k HP team that can efficiently heal while also going on the offensive.
Oh, her active? HP drain is one of the worst effects in the game, but it does allow you to heal while storing orbs for a later turn. The heart spawning not replacing water orbs is also a nice touch. In desperate times two Lakshmi actives can be combined with a full board change like Karin’s or BSonia’s and still be able to activate her 25x.
She’s still garbage as a sub, though, with her other uevos being — yikes, can’t believe I’d ever say this — more useful in that regard. At least she isn’t completely useless anymore and is probably one of the easier water leads to build a non- or light-IAP team for.

Parvati – A-
1956 - Awoken Parvati
  • Great leader and sub
  • Great awakenings
  • Heartmaking is becoming more and more relevant
  • Balanced type; maybe wood devils will become more relevant?
  • Doesn’t have dark or fire sub-elements to go with her devil or balanced types. Iunno, can’t really think of much.
Update: 3/15/15 – Awoken Parvati definitely got a lot more love than Lakshmi with better awakenings and active and essentially the same leader skill (well maybe her art is worse, dat helmet head). While Parvati’s RCV boost isn’t quite as good as Lakshmi’s since she doesn’t have as many relevant physical subs available, her awakenings make her much more desirable as both a leader and a sub. Sadly, as Parvati is TPA focused she doesn’t have full synergy with the row-based Perseus or Michael (who both make wood and heart orbs), but she can utilize one of the best subs in the game in Liu Bei; just remember to activate Parvati after Liu Bei.

Indra – C
1926 - 破天の雷霆龍 Indra
  • 2 skill bind resists
  • Now has a row
  • Powerful active effect
  • Active on the slow side
“Skill binds are becoming a regular occurrence in descends and Indra is one of the few monsters that has 2 resists. While the Chesters make Indra look silly in this regard, the potential utility shouldn’t be overlooked. He’s still garbage, but unlike a lot of garbage he has a place to shine.”
I’m going to leave my previous notes intact so I can reflect on my stupidity. While the spirit of the opinion is true, it is overlooking the fact that his active is one of the most powerful in the game despite being slow. He’s also one of the best combo subs in the game and he finally has a place to shine as a Sonia Gran sub. His new uevo doesn’t really do much to improve him, though. His leader skill is “better”, but light balanced isn’t really a thing and losing god type as a light sub is never a great thing.
Update: 3/8/15 – His new uevo doesn’t do much to improve him, but I’m bumping him up to a C from a D on his own merits.

Vritra – B-
1927 - 深獄の暗黒龍 Vritra
  • Decent leader
  • Great awakenings
  • Active now has damage boost
  • New uevo has devil type
  • Nuke is irrelevant
Update: 3/8/15 – I’m going to ignore Vritra’s old uevo as there’s almost no point to it anymore. His new uevo gives him devil subtype which instantly makes him a relevant sub; the extra skill boost is just icing. His new leader skill is also quite nice, Vritra will be obsoleted as soon as the new Lu Bu uevo his.

Pantheon Grade – B-

This pantheon has quickly climbed from one of the worst to perhaps one of the better ones; and Shiva’s awoken uevo hasn’t even been announced yet. Indra and Vritra’s new uevos and Lakshmi and Parvati’s awoken uevos have significantly increased the range of use and power level for this pantheon as both leaders and subs. Now it isn’t completely futile to roll in this pantheon’s godfest; now we just need these updates to trickle down to NA.Update: 3/8/2015 – Updates to Indra and Vritra lift this pantheon from a D to D+, but it’s still one of the worst to roll in. Hopefully the (improved) awoken uevos will help give this pantheon a much needed boost.

Update: 3/15/2015 – Lakshmi and Parvati’s awoken uevos lifted this pantheon from a D+ to a B-. If Shiva’s awoken uevo is good I fully expect the Indian 1 pantheon to be one of the best, something that I never would’ve expected a couple months ago.