Skill Up Log – Rei Sirius and Indra

Light Insect Dragon brought some boring skills ups with it, but it still seemed worth it to skill up Rei Sirius.

Monster Tries Success Rate
Rei Sirius 43 8 18.60%
Indra 10 3 30.00%

My first Rei Sirius was horrendous, going 4/33 or 12.1%, but my second one went 4/10 which was quite nice. I got quite lucky with my Indra skills ups, but since he’s a fairly low priority and I need to save stones for Pandora skill ups I’m leaving him at level 4. I do see him being used in some high level players’ videos though — for the damage reduction and/or skill bind resist — so I may eventually max him.

My current skill up rate is 365/1917 or 19.04%. Whenever I seem to be making progress towards 20%, I always get a string of 0-fers to bring me back down below 19%.