Team Log – Wednesday Mythical – Room of the Sacred Mask


I was randomly watching some videos and I saw someone make good use of Bastet to clear the Wed. Mythical. I felt so stupid because she’s pretty much a perfect fit: a skill bind resist, mass attack active to take down masks and even a TPA to go with GZL. Kushinadahime wasn’t doing anything in that spot anyways and was only there for the skill bind resist.

After doing about 10 runs with Bastet, I can say the consistency of the run has increased dramatically because she increases the chance to have all 3 orb changers up for floor 5 by decreasing the number of wood orbs you need to clear floors 3 and 4. The floor summary is pretty much the same as it was before except for a few things:

  • On floor 2 just use Leeza right off the bat for a mass attack, then pick off the rest while storing wood orbs.
  • On floor 3, Bastet should be up and ready to go. Use her active and a single 3-orb wood match for 2 turns should make short work of them.
  • Hopefully Bastet’s active is still up for floor 4. This means a single TPA can take out the floor, leaving you all 3 orb changers for floor 5. Use a GZL active to be absolutely sure.
  • Since you have all your orb changes for floor 5, you have some flexibility with Marine Rider + Leeza to get the requisite 3 TPAs to guaranteed a sweep instead of always relying on Meimei + Leeza to generate enough wood orbs.

Regretfully I gave up on skilling up my Bastet since she went 0/5 some 5 or so times. She’s sitting at 6 of 8, but I’ll try to max her out once GungHo collab comes back. If I get her down to a 6 turn cooldown I should be able to use her twice, increasing the run consistency even more.