Challenge Dungeon 3 Lv8 0 Stone Clear!

Brutal. Not really in the writing mood right now, but I’ll go over the big points for now:

  • My old team was Ceres / GOdin / GSonia / Parvati / Meimei / Ceres. I put in a lot of work to improve this team which ended up being a good idea.
  • Swapping Archangel out for Noah on the 2nd floor made things much, much harder. A floor where you used to be able to stall turned into one where you need to burst. Which means…
  • Stalling for skills on twinlits sucks. I think Angelit alternated between generating 2 and 5+ heal orbs multiple times, meaning I had to deal with 7+ poison orbs from Devilit with no healing in between. I barely had enough healing through awakenings and actives.
  • My new team comp with only wood and light made Michael quite easy.
  • The reason I came in with two AvaD’s was to use one each on Noah and Uriel. Without this burst I could not have finished the dungeon. That means Michael worked overtime as I got quite lucky where he generated enough wood for 2 rows twice.
  • After Uriel, the dungeon is cake, as it was before.
  • I really want AvaD skill ups now.

I’ll write up something more in depth later, hopefully before the dungeon rotates out.


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