Pantheon Review – Chinese

Review outdated as of 4/30/15. Updated ratings will be released each NA godfest.
Easily the one of the most powerful and versatile pantheons in the game, there isn’t a bad roll. They are good starting leads, provide an extremely powerful full board orb change and have a great variety of awakenings. Sakuya, the monster that breaks the cycle, is an elite leader.

Leilan – A
  • Combos with Chiyome
  • Does not combo with Homura

As the Chinese gods (sans Sakuya) generally play similarly, I’m going to cover most of the common points here. What makes them so good is their versatility:

  • Good starting lead that can take on some late game content
  • Elite level sub due to awakenings and orb changer
  • Critical sub on burst teams due to the relatively short 9 turn cooldown
  • Generally have types that are good with their color
  • Dupes aren’t bad, great in some cases
  • Good on just about any on-color team
  • Cute as fuck (this is important)

So if they are all great, is there a way to differentiate between them? Well, one of their most important aspects is how they interact with 5 turn orb changers like the Ninjas — the de facto orb changers — and to a lesser extent the Mystic Knights. This combo allows you to get a two color board about 6 turns quicker than a Sonia could.

Karin – A
  • Combos with Hatsume
  • Combos with Kamui
  • ?
See: Leilan. The only Chinese god that works with both Ninja and Mystic Knight.

Meimei – A
  • Combos with Verche
  • Doesn’t combo with Sasuke
  • Doesn’t combo with Zeal
See: Leilan. Meimei not comboing with Sasuke, and to a lesser extend Zeal, puts wood at a huge disadvantage compared to other colors. However, Meimei is an elite Athena sub as she combos with Verche.

Sakuya – A
  • One of the best non-IAP leaders
  • 25x combo lead
  • Can clear most of the late game
  • Underwhelming awakenings compared to other 25x leaders
  • Vulnerable to orb troll
The trend breaker, Sakuya is meant to be a leader and does it well. While all 25x leads are strong, Sakuya’s main strength is her synergy with farmable monsters which include Verche, Echidna and LValk. I think only RSonia and maybe Lu Bu rival her as a non-IAP starting lead. Her biggest weaknesses are her awakenings that don’t include any TPAs which the other 25x leads have. One could also say her gravity is a weakness, but at 10 turns it’s still quite strong for a combo lead.

Haku – A+
  • Combos with Hanzo
  • Doesn’t combo with Voice
See: Leilan. Haku gets my vote for the best monster in the game. Her D/D form is an elite sub on most of the elite dark teams including Pandora and DMeta and she has one of the most coveted types in devil. Where she really trumps her sisters are the 2 dark rows. That difference alone pushes dark far, far ahead of the other colors.

Pantheon Grade – A

There’s just no weakness in this pantheon. I highly recommend rolling in any godfest they are in as you will certainly be able to find a way to put any of them to good use. If you’re just starting and plan on rerolling a god, a Chinese godfest is the optimal time to do so.