Farming Log – Shadow Sprite

I’m still in the process of figuring out how I want to structure the site and how I want to categorize posts. My categories are a mess, but I’m hoping to clean things up soon. I’m going to be trying out a new category “farming log” to cover the drop rates of a given dungeon. This will differentiate itself from the “dungeon log” category by focusing solely on the drop rates and not the teams or processes used to actually do the dungeon clearing. As most skill up dungeons are trivial, there’s no point in going in depth about how to clear them, but once in a while farming skill fodder can be difficult — like the Centaurs in Hera-Beorc and Cyclopses in Hera-Sowilo — so I’ll still cover those under the dungeon log category.

To kick things off, I’m starting off with Pandora’s survey dungeon: Shadow Sprite.

Shadow Sprite
Difficulty Runs Stamina Stones
Master 89 3560 15
Expert 35 525 1
Dark Faerie Gold Pirate
Difficulty Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drop / Stone Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drop / Stone
Master 37 0.42 96.22 2.47 46 0.52 77.39 3.07
Expert 5 0.14 105.00 5.00 11 0.31 47.73 11.00

I’m considering dropping drop per stone from the tables since the numbers don’t really mean anything to you since I’m not providing any contextual information like my max stamina or how much stamina through natural regen is being utilized. I mainly keep track of it for future reference so I know how many stones I need to set aside for a particular skill up. I’ll likely keep this info in the respective skill up log in the future.

Both Master and Expert produced Dark Faerie drop rates that are close to the expected 40% and 15% respectively. I’m planning on someday consolidating the data on all my survey dungeon runs and seeing how close I got to the expected rates.

As for the Gold Pirates, this is another survey dungeon that backs up the thought that running Expert for the secondary skill up fodder is more efficient than running Master regardless of the bonus drop rate. Although by how much, I can’t say.