Skill Up Log – Pandora and Fuma Kotaro

I managed to max skill my Pandora, Fuma Kotaro and a Gold Pirate thanks to the Pandora survey dungeon being in the current coin dungeon rotation. Here are the numbers:

Monster Tries Success Rate
Pandora 35 5 14.29%
Fuma Kotaro 26 4 15.38%
Gold Pirate 30 4 13.33%

While these aren’t horrible numbers, of late it feels like all my critical monsters are getting horrible rates while the ones I don’t care about get all the good luck. It’s a bit depressing.

Max skilling my Pandora really makes me want to start +egging her and her team. I have about 500 +eggs to play with and I wanted to wait for more information before decided what to do with them — like a potential Pandora uevo being announced or NA getting the Liu Bei uevos so I can test out my Verdandi team — but I don’t think I have the patience to wait for either.

The reason I wanted a max skilled Gold Pirate is for S ranking with Athena. I have some Fuma Kotaro dupes that I could’ve skilled up instead, but I don’t plan on using them so they can wait until the dungeon comes back normally with a bonus drop rate.

My current skill up rate is 379/2025 or 18.72%. That’s -0.32% since my last skill up post. Sad.


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