Challenge Dungeons 3 Lv8


I steamrolled Lv8 back in Challenge Dungeons 2 with a hastily formed, underleveled Awoken Ceres team. Since I had made significant improvements to the team, I thought that I would once again be able to get an easy Py. I was sorely mistaken as the addition of Noah made it much more difficult.

A quick overview of the team composition:

  • Ceres – There’s obviously no team without her.
  • Michael – I used Parvati in the heartmaker role last time, but Michael can play offense and defense at the same time. He is max skilled.
  • Avalon Drake  – I’d been sitting on two AvaDs for a while now and finally got around to awakening them. This one replaces GSonia to provide an extra green row. Neither are skilled up.
  • Avalon Drake – This one replaces Meimei and is probably the biggest upgrade.
  • GOdin – A key component that provides 2k healing per turn and provides an emergency heal. Still at skill level 3.
  • Ceres – I added a couple more Ceres friends which was a good idea as I failed a couple times.

For reference here are PDX links for versions 2 and 3. Here is an updated floor breakdown:

  1. Once again we face twinlits, but the difference is we need to stall for Avalon Drake so we have enough burst for Noah. In general it shouldn’t be too bad as Angelit generates hearts which should help offset Devilit’s poison. Don’t be afraid to use Ceres, GOdin or Michael to heal up. I got greedy and didn’t use my actives and failed the dungeon a couple times while trying to stall. Very, very stupid.
  2. The big swap from version 2 to 3 is Archangel for Noah. A common theme in this dungeon, it’s imperative to get Noah bellow 50% so she switches to light to be tankable with Ceres’s leader skill. According to PDX you might have a turn or two to do this, but I did it in a single go via AvaD’s board change. This is made easier due to the elemental advantage. After that, stall and store as many wood orbs as you can then burst her down before she can use her Punishment Thunder. You may have to burn an AvaD board change to do so; hopefully you could stall enough to have both up at this point because you’ll need the other for Uriel.
  3. This new team is all wood and light which makes it easier to take down Michael. If you get seriously orb trolled just remember it’s possible to tank the last Soul Scales to buy an extra turn, but you’ll likely have to burn some of your healing actives.
  4. Uriel may as well be the final boss of the dungeon as the rest is trivial. An AvaD board change should get him bellow 50%. If you didn’t quite get there, it’s probably worth it to stone as there should be no more trouble once he’s switched to light.
  5. I think one wood row took out Gabriel for me.
  6. Lucifer is also a cakewalk. Take your time and get all your actives up, then when he uses “Perish!”, use an AvaD board change to take him out and enjoy your Py.

Looking ahead to version 4, the twinlits are pushed to floor 2 in place of Noah and Sandalphon takes the boss floor as Lucifer is pushed to floor 1. Considering Luci is the easiest monster in the dungeon for this team, there should be no problem stalling for skills which should make the entire dungeon easier. The absence of Noah means we have one less burst target so it may be possible to swap out AvaD for a more defensive option like Parvati or Kushinadahime. Sandalphon could pose a problem as he hits pretty hard, but I can’t tell for sure until PDX finishes updating the dungeon.

I’m not so sure about making future investments into this team. I could max level everything, but most of my future wood EXP will likely go to my Verdandi team. There’s also the possibility of skilling the team up, but I using Pys on Ceres seems like a waste, GOdin’s active is nice here but not crucial and Osiris is more important than AvaD to feed green masks to.


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