Light Insect Dragon S Rank


I haven’t S ranked many Mythical dungeons. Mostly because I don’t have the comboing skills to do so, but also because I don’t want to waste stamina trying to get a run with a skyfall-inflated combo count. However, having more Tamadras and being able to brag to my friends both have their upsides, so I’ve decided to dedicate some effort in creating teams specifically for S ranking. This mostly consists of max skilling the skill up fodder of  5 turn orb changers and now that I have a max skilled Gold Pirate, it was time to try out Athena.

So, why Athena? At 8 stars she isn’t exactly ideal for S ranking, but that is balanced by her ease of use, the slight HP buffer and the fact that she has many +eggs and great subs to utilize.

Ignoring the orb changers since they do almost no damage, more than 40% of my damage potential is tied up in wood and I have no way to generate orbs for them. For this reason I considered running Izanagi over GZL. I didn’t need to make the swap this time, but I may do so in the future even though Izanagi costs one more star and I’d be two skill boosts short of a first-turn orb changer.

The other wood sub, Meimei, isn’t going anywhere. The Verche + Meimei combo is absolutely necessary to burst the boss floor and I don’t feel like investing in an Apocalypse to potentially replace her. This also reminds me that I need to finish max skilling my Mystic Light Knight which would certainly make the run more consistent.