Challenge Dungeons 3 Lv7


On the last day of the Challenge Dungeons, I decided to take a stab at Lv7. I didn’t attempt it before because I didn’t think I had a lead that could deal with both the Masks and Ra. I could bring an armor piercer, but I never bothered to level up a Ra. Then I remembered that Darkseid I had max skilled. Then when I looked at the PDX page again, the dungeon certainly looked very light, dark and water heavy; kinda like something Ceres might enjoy. Thus, the pictured monstrosity was created, or at least the initial iteration was. That’s right, my Darkseid isn’t evoed.

My first stab at the team was basically my Lv8 team, switching out GOdin for Darkseid. So how did I arrive at replacing Michael for GZL? Well, I just needed some way to burst on Thoth and Sopdet. I ideally would have a Delgado to do this, but since the carnival wasn’t cooperative my only other option in wood that was readily available was GZL. After running the numbers though a damage spreadsheet, my GZL would certainly do enough damage to T&S without having to bring them dangerously close to their 20% HP thresholds. This might be counterintuitive as he contributes no rows (he’ll benefit from everyone else’s, though) and is the only beneficiary of his ATK buff, but he certainly got the job done. It also turns out that grinding floor 1 with TPAs is way easier than with rows.

Team Composition

  • Ceres – Duh.
  • GZL – The key damage dealing member of the team. My previous version of this team did paltry damage even with 7 rows; it’s amazing how much more GZL does with just his high attack and a 2x buff.
  • Avalon Drake – After completing the dungeon, I wondered if GSonia would be better here since I have some dark on the team now, but in the end that damage is insignificant.
  • Avalon Drake – Two mass orb changers are needed: one to burst the Masks and the second right after to get Isis below 50%.
  • Darkseid – The only way this team can handle the green Mask and its high defense. This team can handle Ra just fine, but it’s nice to have a sure thing.
  • Ceres

Floor Breakdown

  1. CrystalSkull is the most annoying floor since the 53k defense really makes things hard on this 6.25x team. Take advantage of GZL and match TPAs which is faster than rows anyways. There’s no risk of dying on this floor, even after he is below 40%. You will need both mass orb changers up after this, so don’t use them here and finish him off manually.
  2. The key floor of the dungeon; if you clear this you are home free. Use Darkseid to clear the green Mask. The pop AvaD and hope he gives you enough wood orbs to finish off the blue Mask. There’s no way this team could clear this if the Mask wasn’t water.
  3. Use your second mass orb changer to get Isis below 50% and change to light. Isis does hit fairly hard even then, so finish her off ASAP.
  4. Thoth and Sopdet are tricky, but there’s almost no chance of dying unless you take their <20% HP hits multiple times. The hearts Sopdet generates essentially negate Thoth’s poison. Here’s the strat I used to get them:
    1. First target Thoth and get him down to about 40%
    2. Switch targets to Sopdet. Go for the 5+ combo, but if you don’t get there, quickly switch back to Thoth during the combo animation. If you did it fast enough everything will go to Thoth and Sopdet won’t absorb the damage.
    3. Once you get them both around 40%, I’d be patient and just grind them down to 30-35% with 3-orb matches. This way you won’t inadvertently take the other down below 20%
    4. Once they are both down to about 30-35%, pop AvaD and GZL to finish them off. Rows are good, but TPAs are more important as GZL is going to be doing the heavy lifting here. I personally had a near perfect board and made 1 row and 2 TPAs.
  5. Darkseid. Or if you feel like a badass you can do it manually as you have 5 turns to ping him down.

Looking Ahead

It doesn’t look like this strat is possible for Challenge Dungeons 4 as the masks are moved to floor 1. Even if you could clear them, it’s nigh impossible to do 7mil to Keeper of Gold in 2 turns with this team. I originally planned to clear this with Pandora instead of Ceres; looks like I’ll have to get on finishing that team to clear future iterations of this dungeon.